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Vegan steak for printing

Vegan steak for printing

A few days ago, startup Novameat presented a vegan steak, but not only this, this piece of vegetable “meat” was also printed in 3D. A recurring theme among new companies in the agri-food sector.

Arouses distrust and curiosity at the same time. Food printed in 3D has the gift of inspiring conflicting feelings. On November 23, the Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti presented the invention of the new Spanish company Novameat: a vegan steak made through the manufacture of additives.

The original idea of ​​Giuseppe Scionti was to find a more convincing substitute for meat by imitating its fiber texture. 3D printing allows to obtain a fabric structure impossible to reproduce with another manufacturing technique.

A cheap method

The method would be cheap and fast: 3 dollars and 30 minutes per 100 grams of vegetable steak. The Italian researcher also highlights the environmental and nutritional benefit. The food has been elaborated completely with ingredients of non-animal origin: rice, peas, algae… These elements are transformed into a paste that is then used as raw material for the 3D printer. Using a dye for the paella, the bioengineer obtained a fillet of extravagant colour, like that of a red-hot plate.

Novameat is not alone in the sector. A Dutch student also proposes to make 3D food from leftover food. The new Japanese company Open Meals explores, for its part, the futuristic world of downloadable and printable 3D sushi. In July, the new Dutch company Mosa Meat raised funds to industrialize an in vitro meat production process.